Speaking Engagements

Welcome to my Speaking Engagements page. I am Adriana Rozo-Angulo, an expert speaker on simplicity, change management, and business growth. My approach, SIMPLICLOGIA™, transforms complex processes into simple, stress-free solutions, allowing for extraordinary results.

Join me in exploring how embracing simplicity and change can lead to unparalleled growth and success. Book me for your next event and inspire your audience with strategies that simplify and empower.

The Buoyant Business

Continuous improvement, Lean practices, and Process Excellence. Imagine being able to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected business events. True agility and the ability to seamlessly transition from one plan to another are not as impossible as they seem.

You will learn how to simplify the most complex processes and gain a secret advantage that your competitors have not imagined.

Change Management and Internal Marketing

Have you thought about how you can use marketing within your own company? Without the support and trust of your employees, any change management or implementation will fail. Implementing internal campaigns is essential to ensure the success of any change or implementation and to reduce risk and delays.

Learn how to effectively manage change and utilize internal marketing strategies to gain employee buy-in and support. This conference will provide you with the tools and techniques needed to create impactful internal campaigns, fostering a culture of openness and agility within your organization.


Discover how simplicity can give you back your time, energy, and money. Learn how to adapt and use problem-solving and process improvement techniques and tools used in business to simplify your personal and professional life.

The SIMPLICOLOGIA™ Conference explore how embracing simplicity can transform your life and business. You will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to streamline processes, reduce stress, and enhance productivity. Simplify to thrive.

Bias and Decision Making

In less than a second, you identify another person’s race, gender, and age. Their needs, desires, attributes, values, core beliefs, self-image, and personal experiences all influence this process. Learn how to recognize cognitive biases in your own life and improve your decision-making by identifying them.

The Bias and Decision Making conference explore how cognitive biases affect our perceptions and decisions. You will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to identify and mitigate these biases, leading to better, more informed decisions in both personal and professional contexts.