“My character is the result of the experiences, changes and challenges that I have had.

and how I have reacted to them every second of my life..

I am Adriana Rozo-Angulo, a dedicated leader, strategist, and agent of change. With a firm belief that processes are the cornerstone of growth, I advocate for achieving success in both business and personal life through simplicity,  faith-driven strategies and stress-free methods, encapsulated in my philosophy known as SIMPLICOLOGIA™.

With over 20 years of experience in the business sector, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face today. For 12 years, I led MAS Connections, a consulting firm I established in 2011, transforming companies by emphasizing regulatory compliance and risk analysis as the foundation for effective change management and continuous improvement.

Now, as the co-founder of CAMBIUM, my mission is to offer a transformative experience. At CAMBIUM, we view change and growth as natural, essential elements of a fulfilling life, similar to the cambium layer that enables trees to grow and thrive each year.

My methodology is straightforward yet profound: I guide you in simplifying your processes, discovering shortcuts, and employing efficient methods to achieve your goals with less time and fewer resources, all while conserving your physical and mental energy. My external perspective helps identify issues that might be overlooked internally.

In my pursuit of continuous improvement, I have earned certifications in Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy from MIT Sloan School of Management. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Data Analytics & AI, and Process Validation, among others.

Join me on a journey through SIMPLICLOGIA™, where together we can transform complexity into clarity and live a lifestyle with simple, stress-free processes.






Author of the best-selling book “The Buoyant Business,” available in English and Spanish.. Co-author of several influential books including “Today’s Inspired Leader IV,” “Mujeres Hechas a Pulso I,” “Today’s Inspired Latina IX,” and “Hispanic Star Rising I.

Certified speaker with engagements as a keynote speaker at national and international events.

Previously, Adriana was the founder of MAS Connections, a business consulting firm with a 12-year track record. Currently, Adriana is the co-founder of Cambium, a company dedicated to fostering growth and nourishing lives, committed to promoting business growth and development in individuals and communities

Simplicity as a Way of Life

SIMPLICOLOGIA™ represents a  movement advocating for the recovery of our most valuable assets: time, energy, and financial resources. Our inability to say ‘NO’ often leads us down a path of unnecessary burdens and misaligned goals. SIMPLICOLOGIA™ aims to simplify our lives and reclaim these essential assets, which are vital for our well-being but frequently squandered.